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About the Artist

About the Artists

Bob Wilson, Sr. on left and Bob Wilson, Jr. unveil a painting called The Duel at the Carolina Foothills Artisan Center.

Robert Wilson - Biography

Bob Wilson, Sr. is an accomplished artist with over forty years of experience. Following a career in the Army Air Corps and Air Force, during which he flew transport planes in WWII and Korea, he seriously turned to painting for a career. Completely self-taught, his talent as a painter came as naturally as his talent at flying. Bob is completely at ease in any medium. He developed an interest in historical paintings and as a Bicentennial project, completed a series of painting depicting the role of South Carolina in the Revolutionary War including famous battles and leaders of both the British and American soldiers. His paintings of the Battle of Cowpens and the Battle of Kings Mountain, done in oil on canvas and measuring 7 feet high by 15 feet long, are on display in the State House in Columbia, South Carolina. Other works are on display at the Santee State Park in Moncks Corner, SC and in the Ninety-Six National Historic Site. Bob also delved into the Civil War era and produced a series of collectors prints depicting leaders and battles of that war. One of his crowning achievements was a series of eleven religious paintings that depicted the last few days of Jesus Christ, from the condemnation by Pontius Pilot to the Resurrection. These magnificent and moving paintings were done in oil on canvas and each measures 7 feet high by 5 feet wide. They were admired by President Jimmy Carter at the 1978 National Prayer Breakfast and are currently on display in Earl Owensby’s religious museum in Shelby, N.C.

Bob Wilson, Jr. has inherited his fathers talent. After making a career at the Charleston Naval Shipyard as an engineer, Bob, Jr. started up a desktop publishing business called Fine Art Reproductions that is primarily involved in the reproduction of art work done by Charleston, SC lowcountry artists. He has recently started painting again. His colored pencil sketch “A Weaver’s Prayer was the first piece he did in over twenty five years. He studied the art of portrait painting under his father and has embarked on a career in the fine art of portraiture. Bob, Jr. is a member of the Portrait Society of America, an exhibiting member of the Charleston Artist Guild and the Community of I'On Artists in Mt. Pleasant, SC. His piece called "Lost and Found" won Honorable Mention at the Magnolia Plantation juried art show. Six of Bob's paintings are on permanent display in the Pentagon’s Patriotic Arts Program. His works are being shown along with other well known, international military artists.

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